Emploi * Doc & Postdoc * International law * Leuven

Le Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies et l’Institute for International Law recrutent plusieurs doctorants et un post-doctorant pour leur projet interdisciplinaire Connectivity (“connectivity, contestation and cooperation in global governance”). Le projet porte sur l’impact de la différence de conception des normes internationales sur la coopération entre systèmes internationaux.


CONNECTIVITY’s ultimate ambition is to generate novel insights into how international cooperation may be best fostered amidst the crisis of the current global order. CONNECTIVITY will generate (i) a fundamental re-thinking of theories that are built on the assumption of globally accepted values, including a critical reflection of current Western-centred conceptualisations of foreign policy and international law; (ii) new essential knowledge on the impact of different views on international law and international relations; and (iii) key insights aimed at finding new common ground to foster international cooperation.

For a major new six-year interdisciplinary research programme, CONNECTIVITY, the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies is looking for seven dynamic and highly motivated doctoral researchers and one full-time postdoctoral researcher.

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