Conf * Recherche & radicalisation * 17 oct 2018

Le réseau européen Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) organise un  séminaire sur « Recherche & Radicalisation » le 17 octobre 2018 à Amsterdam. Titre : « The impact of current research and research gaps in PCVE ».

Présentation :

The RAN Centre of Excellence (RAN CoE) will deliver a Research seminar with a practical approach that invites academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss (1) research results and their possible use for the prevent work and (2) to determine research needs. This one-day meeting will take place on 17 October in Amsterdam.



Researchers, practitioners and policy makers form the three pillars of a successful approach for the prevention and countering of radicalisation and violent extremism (PCVE).

The primary objective of the RAN Research Seminar is to foster exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy makers. The seminar specifically aims to streamline priorities in PCVE research with priorities that are identified by practitioners and policy makers. Practitioners, policy makers and researchers will discuss the most urgent challenges in PCVE, assess which current research results can already support policy makers and practitioners in overcoming these challenges and identify which challenges and priorities should be addressed by future research. This will be done in plenary and break-out sessions. The outcome of the seminar should also help setting strategic priorities for preventative work at EU level, taking into account international expertise.


Tentative topics

The Research Seminar will provide the opportunity to share latest and most relevant research findings in MSs on selected topics. This will involve a mapping of research findings by a targeted invitation to MSs to share with RAN CoE relevant research findings prior to the conference.

The tentative topics will address:

  • Radicalisation factors and pathways, trends in relation to FTFs and FTF returnees
  • Radicalisation Indicators, Risk Assessment Tools, understanding factors influencing resilience
  • Evaluations of different prison regimes and pathways into and out of radicalization in prison.
  • Extremist ideas and their dissemination on the Internet/other means
  • How to deal with vulnerable groups (children, migrants and asylum seekers)
  • The evaluation of practices in P/CVE.
  • Research lessons from P/CVE outside the EU and research needs (development sector)
  • Identifying areas for further research and analysis


Target audience

The RAN research seminar will invite:

  • Leading researchers of Member States with relevant expertise in at least one of the tentative topics.
  • Practitioners with relevant expertise in at least one of the tentative topics.
  • Policy makers


Envoi de candidatures au point de contact français : (en précisant « questions internationales » dans l’objet du message). Date limite de candidature : 27 juillet 2018.



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