Conf * The Taliban’s Takeover in Afghanistan * 29 juin 2023 * En ligne

The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) organise a webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2023 (16-17h CET), focusing on the reemerging security risks emanating from Afghanistan. To participate in this webinar please register via this link (up to one hour before the webinar start).


More than two years after the forceful takeover of power in Afghanistan by the Taliban regime, much of the public discussion is justifiably concentrated on the dire humanitarian circumstances in the country and the Taliban’s ever-increasing return to their harsh rule of the 1990s, including brutal and public punishments and the near total exclusion of women from education as well as professional and public life. Less attention has been paid to the security and terrorist threats that are likely to emerge from the new situation in Afghanistan.

In 2022, CEP and KAS embarked on a series of events and compiled the report, The Taliban’s Takeover in Afghanistan – Effects on Global Terrorism, highlighting and analyzing a range of these reemerging security risks connected with the Taliban movement.

This webinar will focus on two of the key terrorism threats emanating from the situation in Afghanistan. The first is the Haqqani Network, one of the most powerful factions within the Taliban movement with a symbiotic relationship to al-Qaeda, and its problematic leadership role in all key security ministries within the Taliban government structure in Kabul. Secondly, the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan and the subsequent swift takeover of power by the Taliban, the traditional protectors of al-Qaeda-Core, sent a strong message to the international terrorist community that victory is possible.

The webinar will be conducted in English via Zoom.


  • “The Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan: The Haqqani Network And Al-Qaeda” – Rahmatullah Nabil (Founder Afghanistan National Liberty Party (ANLP), former Director General of the National Security Directorate of Afghanistan and Deputy National Security Advisor of Afghanistan)
  • “Taliban Regime: Effects On Global Terrorist Organizations” – Dr. Guido Steinberg (Senior Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs [Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik], Member of the CEP Advisory Board
  • Discussant: Ambassador Edmund Fitton-Brown (Former Coordinator of the ISIL, Al-Qaeda and Taliban Monitoring Team of the United Nations Security Council, Member of the CEP Advisory Board)
  • Moderator and Introductory Remarks: Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler (Senior Director, Counter Extremism Project) 

Register so that your registration can be approved in time.

This webinar is part of a series of online and in-person events through which CEP and KAS are presenting its joint publication to the public. A recording of the first webinar of this series can be found here.

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