Publi * Fatwas against joining terror groups

La fondation égyptienne Dar al-Iftaa al Misriyyah publie une revue électronique mensuelle en anglais intitulée « Insight« , ainsi que des fatwas. Les numéros sont téléchargeables en ligne. Présentation du dernier numéro (Fatwas against joining terror groups) par les rédacteurs :

« The Islamic history is replete with examples of movements and trends whose members have rebelled against their state authority, declaring an Islamic caliphate and accusing their rulers of disbelief and heresy. The ideology of those groups is still extant — it has neither desisted nor died out. Ideas do not die out with the death of their advocators insofar as there are those who believe in and try to resurrect and implement them. Terror groups founded on notions that are inconsistent with the venerable Islamic law and the Prophetic guidance, is one such group. It announced the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and declared their allegiance to one of their own, not only as their leader, but as the caliph of all Muslims. The following is an exposition of the ruling for those sects in Islamic law. »


Exemples de fatwas publiées sur le site :

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