Conf * Addressing Extremism after the Taliban’s Return in Afghanistan * 18 oct 2021 * En ligne

Conférence sur “Addressing Extremism after the Taliban’s Return in Afghanistan”. Panel Discussion from the Religion & Security Council (RSC), the De Gasperi Foundation (FDG), and the FDG Counter Extremism Terrorism and Radicalization Research Center (CETRA) on October 18, 2021, at 5 p.m. (CEST) via Zoom.

The event will bring together senior experts and practitioners from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, who will examine the repercussions of the latest tragic events in Afghanistan on the fight against radicalization and violent extremism in their respective geographical areas, highlighting the security implications for the EU member states.

Panelists will also illustrate the local programs and counter-measures put into effect to prevent indoctrination going on and recruitment, especially among the youth. Their views and insights can serve as food for thought for European decision and policy-makers, in the face of the new trends in the international security scenario triggered by the Taliban’s return in Afghanistan.

The proceedings will be introduced by FDG President, Angelino Alfano, Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Interior, and moderated by RSC Chairman Emiliano Stornelli and Mattia Can glia, Coordinator of the FDG Geopolitics and Security Desk.


  • Andrin RAJ, Senior Fellow, Religion & Security Council, South-East Asia Regional Director (International Association for Counter-Terrorism and Security Professionals), Director (Nordic Counter-Terrorism Network)
  • Issa SAÏBOU, Professor of History and Security Studies, Dean at the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, Director of the Centre for Peace, Security and Integration (University of Maroua – Cameroon)
  • Elie ABOUAOUN, Senior Fellow, Religion & Security Council, Director (Middle East and North Africa Programs, U.S. Institute of Peace)

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