Rapport * Enfants de FTF * 23 sept 2021

Publication le 23 septembre 2021 d’un rapport de l’ONG Save the Children sur les enfants de combattants de Daech. Le rapport est intitulé “Children abandoned by their governments are ‘wasting away’ in Syrian camps“.

Résumé par l’ONG :

“Many of the world’s richest countries have failed to bring home the majority of their children stuck in two camps in North East Syria, Save the Children said today, as youngsters say their lives are ‘simply wasting away’ with violence and illness a daily risk.”

Certains chiffres du rapport ont été cités lors de l’audience de la CEDH le 29 septembre 2021 (cf. Christophe Ayad, « Le retour de djihadistes devant la CEDH« , Le Monde, 30 septembre 2021) :

  • 62 children, or approximately two every week, have died of different causes in Al Hol so far this year[ii].
  • 73 people, including two children, have been murdered in Al Hol so far this year.
  • Only 40% of children in Al Hol are receiving an education, with years of traumatic experiences taking a toll on their mental health[iii].
  • In Roj, 55% of households reported being aware of child labour among children aged under 11.

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