Publi * Revocation of Citizenship * Mars 2021

Parution d’un Working Paper sur “Revocation of Citizenship:The New Policies of Conditional Membership” par Emilien Fargues & Iseult Honohan du Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute, Italie). Etudes de cas : Inde, Myanmar, Nigéria & Syrie. Document en PDF :


“In many countries across the world, citizenship revocation policies are back on the political agenda. States are either contemplating or adopting legislative changes to increase the power of the executive to take citizenship away from individuals on an array of legal grounds, from fraud in the naturalisation process to involvement in terror-related acts. Amendments to citizenship legislation are also decided with the purpose of excluding entire communities from the definition of national identity and removing them out of the state borders. This symposium addresses the challenges that the revival of citizenship revocation raises for the study of citizenship as a secure and equal membership in a state. It brings together academics and practitioners in an effort to reflect both on the concrete policy implications of citizenship stripping and on its theoretical significance. The symposium also takes an original comparative perspective on this topic, with contributions that go beyond Western contexts represented in much of the citizenship literature.”

Table des matières

  • Introduction – Broadening the lens on citizenship revocation and the security of citizenship – Iseult Honohan

Case studies

  • Citizenship revocation and statelessness of Kurds in Syria: Repression of Kurdish rights by Ba’athist Assad regime in Syria (1962-2011) – Muhamad Alh
  • Interrogating citizenship in contemporary Nigeria – MaryAnne Iwara
  • Absent citizenship: A case study of the Rohingya – Jasmine Burnley
  • On the verge: Revocation and denial of citizenship in India – M. Mohsin Alam Bhat, Aashish Yadav


  • Stolen citizenship – Laura van Waas
  • Pathways to statelessness: Denationalisation and the denial of personhood – Milena Tripkovic
  • Beyond the ‘West’: Understanding citizenship revocation in a global context – Émilien Fargues

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