Publi * Mouvement islamique, Singapour & Detention * 2020

A lire sur le site du centre de recherche « International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation » (ICSR) affilié au « Department of War Studies » du King’s College London :

  • The Islamic Movement in Britain (auteur : Damon L. Perry, 28 septembre 2020) : « This report is focused on a network of Muslim organisations and individuals that it refers to as the “Islamic Movement” in Britain. This name is sometimes used by protagonists comprising the network in reference to the collective, organised effort to “revive” and expand Islam’s role in social and political life, in the West, the former Islamic empire, and the world at large. Sheikh Yusuf Al‑Qaradawi, the Egyptian‑born theologian and host of the Al Jazeera TV programme, “Shari’a and Life”, for example, explicitly refers to the “Islamic Movement” as such. The main purpose of this report is to describe this network in Britain. » (lire la suite).

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