Rapport * Daech aux Etats-Unis * Déc 2015

ISIS in America * From Retweets to Raqqa * Auteur : George Washington University.

The Report : Released in December 2015, our report, ISIS in America: From Retweets to Raqqa, consists of two parts. The first examines all cases of United States persons arrested, indicted or convicted in the U.S. for Islamic State-related activities. A wide array of legal documents provides empirical evidence for identifying several demographic factors related to the arrested individuals. This section also looks at the cases of Americans who, while not in the legal system, are known to have engaged in IS-inspired behavior.

In the second part, we examine IS-related mobilization in America. The 125 individuals studied in our report defy any cookie-cutter profile of the “American IS supporter.” As such, we analyze the individual motivations of IS supporters; the role of the Internet, specifically  social media, in the radicalization and recruitment process; whether radicalization took place in isolation or with other like-minded individuals; and the degree of their tangible links to IS.

Rapport : ISIS in America – Full Report

Article de Slate sur le rapport : « De plus en plus de sympathisants de Daech arrêtés aux États-Unis, dont de nombreux convertis » Repéré par Claire Levenson — 02.12.2015 – 10 h 32, mis à jour le 2.12.2015 à 10 h 32 * Repéré sur New York TimesNPR


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