Publi * Islamic State Returnees * 7 nov 2019

Publication sur le site du German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) de l’article « Europe’s State of Denial About Islamic State Returnees » par Asya Metodieva le 7 novembre 2019.

Au sujets des camps de rétention tenus par les Kurdes :

  •  » (…) Prisons and camps containing tens of thousands of individuals, among them many jihadi fighters. About 11,000 of these, including foreign nationals, are still detained and guarded by the Syrian Democratic Forces. The number is even higher if one counts IS families that live in refugee camps. »
  • « According to different estimates, several hundred of the detained men are from Europe, including countries like Ukraine and Kosovo. They are held in prisons across northeastern Syria, with the largest ones thought to be those in Hasakah and Dashisha. Most women and minors have been held in three refugee camps: al-Hol, al-Roj, and Ain Issa. A recent study shows that there are 400 to 500 men and women from EU states, as well as around 700-750 minors. The biggest group—130 adults and 270-320 minors—comes from France. »
  • « Kosovo has contributed 359 people to the jihadi ranks, and many of the Kosovan fighters who got killed left behind wives and children. In April, in a secret operation coordinated with the United States, Kosovo brought home 110 IS returnees (74 children, 32 women, and 4 men) who had been living in Kurdish camps in northern Syria. »

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