Experts * Radicalisation & contre-discours * Mai 2019

Le projet EU “CICERO” recherche des experts en matière de contre-discours dans le domaine de la radicalisation :

CICERO values the input and insights of experts which will further guide the elaboration of the counter narrative campaign and therefore we want to provide you with more details about future developments.

  1. Your name will be added in the list of experts we will send to the European Commission. Providing this list to the EC is part of our duties for the Cicero project, please note that it does not constitute an obligation for you or your organisation to participate.
  2. Considering your expertise, we will send you some questions regarding the target analysis and target audience for this campaign. We would appreciate your input to help us define the latter in terms of socio-demographic characteristics, educational background, real/perceived grievances of individuals who are most vulnerable to radicalisation as well as those of recruiters and individuals spreading radical narratives. If you agree to the former, you can expect to receive a few specific questions by the end of May.
  3. By September 2019, you may be contacted to participate in the definition of the CICERO counter narrative strategy.
  4. With your continued participation, we want to ensure you that the European Foundation for Democracy will be reaching out to you to participate in “train-the-trainers” workshops that would present a unique opportunity to meet with other experts involved in the same field as you all around Europe. These workshops are scheduled to happen in 2020.

We are immensely grateful for your kind cooperation. Your input is invaluable for the crafting of an effective and positive counter narrative campaign.

We will be in touch again shortly with a set of specific questions relating to the definition of the target audience analysis as far as it concerns Islamist extremism as well as the extreme right and the extreme left.

European Foundation for Democracy – Email: – Website: – Twitter: @EFDBrussels

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