Appel d’offre * EU Centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism * 25 juin 2019

Call for tender : EU Centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism . The main objective of this contract is to set up an EU centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism (hereinafter “the EU Centre”). The EU Centre aims at assisting EU Member States in ensuring effective transposition and practical application of the EU rules on victims’ of terrorism by making available common assistance mechanisms and resources at Union level. The EU Centre will provide for concrete and practical actions which will have a positive impact on victims of terrorism. In particular, the EU Centre will provide for guidelines and trainings on implementation of the EU rules and will set up lists of the relevant experts available at the national level. At the end of the project all actions of the EU Centre will be evaluated with a view to analyse the necessity and the feasibility of setting up in the future an EU coordination centre for victims of terrorism. The contractor will deliver a report to that effect.

Ressources sur les victimes du terrorisme : ici.

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